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The Balanced Embouchure is not available in bookstores, but is sold through a small network of dealers who have personal experience with the method and can also teach it, so that you can always ask your questions to the person who sold you the book.

Jeff writes about this on his website:

“My primary goal was the success of every single person who received the method. To insure that success, I knew that it would be important for me to have support available to those who needed it, as any book, no matter how well written, may be misinterpreted by the reader. Answering questions or solving problems was therefore part of my job description. However, I was concerned that book sales through stores could potentially outpace my ability to offer support, as book sellers typically have no way to assist the customer with interpreting the fine points of a method book. They mainly want to move products, a task in which they excel.

So, I hit upon the idea of creating a small network of BE dealers who, through direct experience, were experts in helping others learn the book. I want to emphasize here that learning the method yourself is not the same as knowing how to teach others. It takes a different skill set. Therefore, dealers aren't made overnight. It took years for the right people to show up who had learned the method themselves, and had the necessary combination of a broad understanding and a strong desire to help others find embouchure success.”

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