BE can easily be used without a teacher, but an introductory lesson may save you much time. During the introductory lesson, you’ll get an insight in how BE is set up and structured, we’ll go through the exercises one by one, so that you’ll know you’re doing them correctly, and you’ll get tailored advice on how to fit the exercises into your daily routine.

Extensive introductory lesson on The Balanced Embouchure: € 150,00 (including BE book+CD)

Regular lessons: € 40,00 / hour.

Lessons on location or through Skype are possible as well. Contact me for more information.

About me


Thank you for visting my website. My name is Ko de Rooij.

When I was studying trumpet at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, severe embouchure problems with several embouchure dystonia symptoms forced me to quit my studies. In my search for a solution, I finally found The Balanced Embouchure.

Largely thanks to this method, I didn’t give up, and now I can play again. Inspired by Jeff Smiley's remarkable approach to embouchure development, which includes free personal support, I became a BE teacher and took up European distribution.

I currently play trumpet, French horn and trombone, and I sing bass at the local Bach choir. Next to music, I help people to achieve better balance through the brain, see www.grotergeheel.nl (Dutch only). By combining trumpet lessons with my practice, I have specialized in guiding brass players with embouchure dystonia.

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