Trumpet In Stock

Donat mouthpieces in stock - trumpet

163F - Massive and Light, silver

163E - Classic and Massive, silver

165F - Classic, Massive and Light, silver

165E - Classic, silver

165D X - Massive, silver

Touvron - Classic and Massive, silver

168D - Classic, silver

168C (custom, cornet cup) - Massive, silver

169C - Classic, silver

169E - Massive, silver

170C3 (1 1/2C copy with Donat improvements) - Xylem, raw

170C - Classic, silver

Gunn Fu #1 (older model) - Classic, silver

Gunn Fu 1 (newer model) - Classic, silver

Gunn Fu #2 - Classic, silver

170E X - Massive, silver

171E - Massive, silver

171C - Classic, silver

172E - Massive, silver

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Raw brass
Silver plated
Gold plated